11 Cheapest Universities in South Korea for International Students 2022

The Cheapest Universities in South Korea: If you have been considering to study in Asia, the cheapest universities in South Korea for international students discussed in this blog post should be among the schools you can apply to.

South Korea is a country in East Asia known for its cutting-edge infrastructure, cutting-edge technology, fashion trends, cosmetics and cosmetic surgery, and Buddhist temples. It’s the birthplace of Samsung, Hyundai, BTS, and K-Drama. It is a developed country with beautiful attractions that attract tourists from all over the world every year.


Asians are not known to speak English, but here in South Korea, approximately 43-44% of the population are fluent in English and other languages. There are more English-speaking South Koreans in the capital, Seoul. However, the lack of English and the language barrier will not prevent you from moving here as an international student or continuing your studies.

South Korea is a happy and safe place for both men and women. It has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. I’ve seen a lot of YouTube videos experimenting with South Korea’s security. You literally can’t lose anything. Your lost wallet will stay in the same place for days and when it comes out it has been handed over to the police who will try to find you and return it to you.


Citizens love foreigners and there is no form of discrimination here. Everyone is treated equally, with love and respect. This makes South Korea a great place for international study as it has everything international students need to enjoy their stay.

The country is home to many top-notch institutions that are among the best in Asia and even the world. These institutions offer high-quality academic programs to students from around the world and reward them with prestigious degrees recognized by HR worldwide.

South Korea is a center for technology, innovation, business, and medicine among the best in the world. And its universities offer highly qualified scholars related to these areas. Every year, students from diverse cultural backgrounds come here to earn degrees in engineering, entrepreneurship, healthcare, and business.

The universities here offer many programs in English to attract international students. South Korea wants international students and is doing everything possible to attract them. Scholarships and other financial support options are set up to fund students’ studies and to encourage others to apply.


How to Find Cheap Universities in South Korea

The Internet should always be your first port of call when looking for such information. There are many blogs that have published articles about cheap universities in South Korea, and this article is one of many. However, the information given here on the subject corresponds to the current status of the information.

The cheapest universities in South Korea for international students have been listed and discussed in this blog post so you can find the one to apply to.

In addition to using the internet, you can let your classroom teacher, teachers, and even parents know. They may have connections in South Korea that could help you find some of the cheapest universities in South Korea for international students.

Korean University Application Requirements for International Students

Before applying to a university in South Korea, it is important that you read up on the application requirements for preparation and the necessary documents that will promote your admission. To make it easier for you, we’ve listed these application requirements below so that your application to South Korea’s most affordable universities for international students is a straightforward process.

Gather all transcripts from high schools, colleges, and past institutions you’ve attended. B. Abitur, advanced technical college entrance qualification or bachelor’s degree
Take one of the English or Korean language tests and submit a score report. IELTS or TOEFL for English or TOPIK for Korean.
Possess documents such as application form, passport, birth certificate, résumé, curriculum, letters of recommendation, and résumé.
Korean student visa or study permit
Obtain the factual certificate from the Korean Immigration Service regarding entry and exit
Financial proof that you or your parents have more than $ 10,000 in the bank
All documents must be in English or Korean and since not all documents are returned to applicants, photocopies of all documents submitted should be made.

Cheapest Universities in South Korea for International Students

Here we have listed the cheapest universities in South Korea for international students and discussed each of them also. The website links for each school have also been provided so that you can learn more about the specific curriculum requirements of the schools that caught your interest, and even apply from there.

Without further ado, let’s get into that. Good reading.

Kangwon National University (KNU)
Seoul National University of Science and Technology (Seoul Tech)
Chonnam National University (CNU)
The University of Seoul (UOS)
Pusan National University (PNU)
Seoul National University (SNU)
Cheongju University
Korea University
Yonsei University
Soongsil University
Chungnam National University (CNU)
#1. National Kangwon University (KNU)

KNU is one of the most affordable universities in South Korea for international students starting a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. It was founded in 1947 as a national university with main campuses in Chuncheon and others in Samcheok and Gangwon, South Korea.

The KNU is divided into 19 colleges with 93 departments and five graduate schools with interdisciplinary courses that cover a wide range of professional interests. The program includes exercise science, veterinary medicine, education, engineering, business administration, law, humanities, arts and culture, nursing, and more.

All of these programs combined provide university education, training, and research to over 30,000 students, 2% of whom are international students. There are graduate and undergraduate scholarships to financially support students’ study costs at the university.

Undergraduate Tuition Fees: $ 3,096 per year
Graduate Tuition Fees: $ 4,086 per year

Visit school website

#2. Seoul National University of Science and Technology (Seoul Tech)

International students seeking a research-intensive degree should consider Seoul Tech. It is one of the cheapest universities for international students and the best in the country for engineering and applied science programs. The National University is located in Nowon-gu, Seoul, South Korea.

Seoul Tech has 6 undergraduate colleges that house more than 20 departments, 3 professional graduate schools, and 3 specialized graduate schools. Although the school is deeply rooted in science and engineering courses, it also offers other non-science courses such as business administration, ceramic art and design, English language and literature, and creative writing.

Undergraduate Tuition Fees: $ 5,000 per year
Graduate Tuition Fees: $ 8,000 per year

Visit school website

#3. National University of Chonnam (CNU)

On our third list of the cheapest universities in South Korea for international students is Chonnam National University, a national higher education institution founded in Gwangju, South Korea in 1952. The school is committed to international study and this is evident through its partnership with 136 universities in 26 countries including Canada, the United States, Poland and Russia. In addition, thousands of international applicants are admitted every year.

In contrast to the university mentioned above, the CNU offers a wide range of rich academic programs in all disciplines. There are 17 colleges and 11 graduate schools through which these programs are offered. Law, Medicine, Fisheries and Oceanography, Artificial Intelligence, Nursing, Science and Human Ecology are just some of the programs offered to international and domestic students.

Many of these programs are also offered in English, and tuition fees are low to attract international students.

Undergraduate Tuition Fees: $ 2,454 per year
Graduate Tuition Fees: $ 5,667 per year

Visit school website

#4. Seoul University (UOS)

UOS is one of the most affordable universities in South Korea for international students specializing in leading degrees such as environmental engineering, taxation, urban science, transportation engineering, architectural landscape, and city government. It is a public university founded in 1918 in the capital, Seoul, South Korea.

UOS is home to 8 colleges for undergraduate studies and 9 graduate schools for masters and doctoral programs. Most of the programs offered by these departments are in English to meet demand from international prospective students.

Undergraduate Tuition Fees: $ 5,330 per year
Graduate Tuition Fees: $ 8,400 per year

Visit school website

#5. National University of Pusan ​​(PNU)

Pusan ​​National University or PNU is one of the most affordable universities in South Korea for international students. The university has three locations in Busan, Yangsan and Miryang, all in South Korea. It was founded in 1946 and since then has offered innovative courses in a wide variety of disciplines that lead to different careers.

PNU offers undergraduate, graduate, and professional and specialty programs. Many programs are taught in English and international students are welcome to apply.

Undergraduate Tuition Fees: $ 2,535 per year
Graduate Tuition Fees: $ 3,120 per year

Visit school website

#6. Seoul National University (SNU)

It’s not the same as Seoul National Science and Technology University. This is Seoul National University, one of the national research-intensive universities in Seoul, South Korea. However, like Seoul Tech, it is also one of the cheapest universities in South Korea for international students. It was founded in Gwanak-gu, Seoul, in 1946.

The university offers a wide range of bachelor’s and master’s degrees in areas of interdisciplinary interest. The school is divided into 15 undergraduate colleges and 12 graduate schools including the Faculty of Medicine, Law Faculty, and Faculty of Dentistry, which offer medical, masters, and doctoral programs. Degree.

Other resources such as state-of-the-art facilities, laboratories, and scholarships are made available to each student to provide practical skills and to fund their studies.

Undergraduate Tuition Fee: $ 5,300
Graduate Tuition Fees: $ 6,000

Visit school website

#7. Cheongju University

It’s actually a private university and I was also surprised that a private university for international students could be among the cheapest universities in South Korea. It is a prestigious institution in the central region of Korea and a global institution, so takes international education very seriously.

The school is home to 8 colleges offering undergraduate programs and five graduate schools offering graduate and graduate programs. International students are accepted and most programs are offered in English. The application period is all year round, check the application requirements in the link below.

Undergraduate Tuition Fees: $ 3,145
Graduate Tuition Fee: $ 3,600

Visit school website

#8. Korea University

Korea University is also a private university with affordable tuition fees for international students. It was founded in 1905 as a private research facility in Seoul, South Korea. The KU is a renowned Korean university that is regularly ranked number 1 among the best universities in the country.

More than 30,000 students are enrolled in Bachelor and Master courses. Of the total number of students, more than 4,000 are international students. The range of courses is very diverse, there are 19 colleges and 18 graduate schools with more than 81 departments.

Undergraduate Tuition Fee: $ 4,000
Graduate Tuition Fee: $ 7,280

Visit school website

#9. Yonsei University

It is a renowned private research university in Seoul. It is regularly recognized among the top 3 universities in South Korea and worldwide in the fields of medicine and business. The school has two campuses, the Sinchon Campus in Seodaemun-gu and the International Campus in Songdo, Incheon.

Yonsei University is one of the cheapest universities in South Korea with over 40,000 students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate degrees. The school is divided into more than 30 departments including a medical school, a college of world leaders, a law school, beginning hospital departments, and an AI college.

Undergraduate Tuition Fee: $ 5,890
Graduate Tuition Fee: $ 7,630

Visit school website

#10. Soongsil University

Soogsil is a private Christian university in Dongjak-gu, Seoul, and one of the cheapest universities in South Korea for international students. The school offers internationally recognized specialties such as economics, engineering and social sciences. High-level programs are also offered through its graduate school.

Soongsil University is home to a large number of international students, and scholarships are offered to overseas applicants to encourage more people to apply here.

Undergraduate Tuition Fees: $ 7,500
Graduate Tuition Fee: $ 7,500

Visit school website

#11. National Chungnam University (CNU)

The CNU is one of the top ten national universities in South Korea and, last but not least, the cheapest university in South Korea for international students. It is located in Yuseong, Daejeon, South Korea, with two locations – Daedeok and Munhwa.

The university houses undergraduate colleges, graduate schools, professional graduate schools and a specialized graduate school for Masters and PhDs. International students can apply for one of these programs as well as scholarships to cover their tuition fees.

Undergraduate tuition fees: $ 2,200
Graduate Tuition Fee: $ 4,000

Visit school website


This brings us to the end of this list of cheapest universities in South Korea for international students. Note that the tuition fees apply to international students and therefore the entry fee may be higher. Studying in South Korea is cheap and the programs offered are designed to gear students towards career paths that interest them.

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