15 cheap universities in Ireland for international students 2022

Do you want to study in Ireland? well, Ireland is one of the richest countries in the world and why do I mention this, or what has it to do with your studying there?

As a wealthy country, the government pumps a lot of money into sectors like education, making it cheap and affordable for both its citizens and foreigners.


In addition, various financial support options such as scholarships, grants, and other financial opportunities help the students.

As a rich country, it also means that most of the population is rich, so the crime rates are really low. The crime rate is something that you should definitely consider when studying abroad. The lower the crime rate, the safer it is. Safety is very important everywhere.


Ireland is one of the safest countries in Europe and the friendliest country in the world.

Combined with its ethereal beauty, it is a suitable option for students looking to study abroad. And the numbers show that Ireland is a top place for international students.

The courses of study range from economics, engineering, and humanities to social sciences, English studies, and medicine, which are pursued at the bachelor, master, or doctoral level.

Some universities and higher education programs in Ireland are among the best in the world.


Therefore, you will receive first-class training and an internationally recognized qualification.

In addition, many Irish universities, most of the public, accept international students in all of their courses.

In this article, we have compiled a list of Irish tuition fees for international students. This will give you an overview of the costs of studying in Ireland and will help you prepare to be covered.

without wasting time let’s dive in…

What Does It Mean To Attend School “Tuition Free”?

“Free Tuition Fees” is a phrase that describes the possibility for prospective students to graduate from their respective universities without paying any money for the knowledge gained.

Universities that are free of tuition fees offer this option for students who have achieved good academic performance or cannot afford the tuition fees themselves.

Tuition-free universities do not charge any fees for taking courses. They do not charge any fees for enrollment, payment for books, or other course materials.

Tuition-Free Universities in Ireland for International Students are open to all students (resident and international) from around the world.

Can International Students Attend University In Ireland Tuition Free?

The short answer to this question is “yes” you can attend some of the tuition-free universities in Ireland if meet these conditions.

In order for international students to benefit from free education in Ireland, you must be a student from one of the EU or EEA countries.

Students from non-EU / EEA countries have to pay the necessary tuition fees.

However, these students are offered scholarships to offset their tuition fees.

Below you will find the financial support options. But before that How many universities are there in Ireland?

How many universities are there in Ireland?

There are officially around 9 major public universities in Ireland.

These public universities in Ireland are generally cheap for international students.

However, there are many universities, technical colleges, and private colleges.

Universities overseas have also set up international branches, some of which are based in Ireland.

Cost Of Studying In Ireland

The cost of studying in Ireland depends on where the university is located. As in other European countries, the cost of living in large cities is higher than in small towns.

However, international students should expect EUR 7,000 (USD 8,300) to EUR 12,000 (USD 14,300) per year for room, board, and other expenses.

#1. Cost of Student Life in Ireland:

The cost of living in Ireland is slightly higher than the European average; You should expect to spend between 550 and 1000 EUR / month.

The average cost of living in Irish cities (including accommodation costs):

Dublin: 1,100 – 1,800 EUR / month
Liège: 860 – 1,400 EUR / month
Galway and other smaller cities: EUR 800-1,100 / month
#2. Housing expenses for students in Ireland

Universities offer accommodation in student dormitories, the price of which is usually above the European average of EUR 200 to 300. It is often difficult to find a place because the number of places is limited and the demand is high.

Outside of college dormitories, you can rent/share an apartment or live with an Irish family.

The average student residence prices in Ireland are:

Student living alone: ​​EUR 400-900 / month
The Student living as a couple / colleagues: 450 – 550 EUR / month
Student living on campus: EUR 300-650 / month
Other costs related to accommodation:

Utilities: around 30 – 50 EUR/month
Internet: up to 60 EUR/month
#3. Food costs

The average monthly food cost is not high. You will spend around 250-350 EUR / month on shopping. More so, You can find cheaper groceries in supermarkets such as Aldi, Lidl, Tesco, Dunnes or Superquinn.

You can also dine in a small restaurant for 15 euros or enjoy a three-course menu for two in a mid-range restaurant for 55 euros.

#4. Transportation costs

Students can benefit from discounts on transportation when using the Student Leap Card or Bus Éireann to travel around the country. Around 27% of students in Ireland use public transport and a monthly pass with a special student discount costs around EUR 50-55 / month.

The most popular mode of transport is the bicycle, which is chosen by 38% of students. You can rent a bike to explore the city for around 20 EUR / day.

#5. Extra costs

Other expenses you need to cover during your study:

Books and other study materials: 75 EUR/month
Social activities/entertainment: 60 – 100 EUR/month
Medical insurance: 45 EUR/month
How Much Does It Cost To Study In Ireland As An International Student?

Cost of Studying in Ireland: Important Elements

Tuition Cost Average Expenses
Student Visa €60 (INR 5,280)
English Language Course €150- €950 (INR 13,000- 80,000)
MBA 20,000 EUR to 35,000 EUR (INR 17,53,200-30,68,100)
Masters 4,000 – 9000 EUR (INR 3,50,624- 7,88,940)
What are the requirements to study in an Irish university?

The basic requirements apply as at most universities worldwide. Students must be 18 years old at the time of application. Admission requirements are less stringent and therefore not overly competitive (but this does not mean that universities’ academic standards are low).

Since English is the primary language of instruction at all universities, students must demonstrate knowledge of exams such as TOEFL or IELTS.

Now, let’s list out the cheapest universities to study in Ireland in 2022.

Cheap Universities In Ireland For International Students

Below is a compiled list of the lowest Ireland universities fees for international students. The universities are further discussed below with the appropriate links provided for you to learn more about the school of your choice.

Trinity College Dublin
Dublin Business School
Cork Institute of Technology
The University of Limerick
National University of Ireland (NIU)
University College Dublin
University College Cork
Griffith College
#1. Tinity College Dublin

Trinity College Dublin was founded in 1592, making it not only the oldest college in Ireland but also one of the seven old universities in Great Britain and Ireland.

The university has used all of its years to build an excellent academic reputation and research performance. This makes many of its research-oriented programs some of the best in Europe and the world.

More so, Students can take a wide range of academic programs ranging from psychology and politics to engineering and materials undergraduate and graduate degrees.

It is one of the lowest tuition fees in Ireland for international students and offers a variety of financial support options.

The tuition fee at Trinity College Dublin is € 7,500.

#2. Dublin Business School

When you see the name Dublin Business School you may think that this is just a typical business school that only offers business and management programs.

Well, it certainly stands out for having top-notch business education in the country, but it doesn’t just award business degrees.

Dublin Business School also offers many courses in the social sciences, humanities, psychology, and the arts offered at undergraduate and undergraduate levels. The campus is a dynamic environment with people from diverse backgrounds enrolled in a wide variety of degree programs.

Students are offered hands-on, experiential education so that they can progress in life after school and contribute to society and the nation as a whole.

Tuition fees for undergraduate courses at Dublin Business School are € 10,000 per year, while for postgraduate courses they range from € 12,500 to € 13,500 per year. It is one of the lowest tuition fees in Ireland for international students.

#3. Cork Institute of Technology

Founded in 1974 in the city of Cork, the Cork Institute of Technology is one of the leading universities. This affordable university in Ireland was created to support engineering and technology education in the country and originated in the Royal Cork Institution.

The institution currently has a student body of approximately 17,000 students. Despite its designation as a technical institute, the CIT offers courses in the fields of art, economics, theater, natural and physics, law, and engineering.

Economics, engineering, and natural sciences are the three most important faculties. Other schools and departments fall under the three faculties. Tuition fees for international students at the Cork Institute of Technology range between € 3,500 and € 12,000 per year.

cheap universities in Ireland for international students
cheap universities in Ireland for international students
#4. The University of Limerick

The University of Limerick is a prestigious public research university in the iconic city of Limerick in Ireland’s Midwest.

It was established in 1972 and is the latest addition to the Irish university system. Around 16,000 students are now enrolled at the university. More than 2,400 students from over 100 countries make up the student body.

Science and Engineering, Arts, Humanities, Education, Health Sciences, and Kemmy Business School are the four main fields of study at the university.

Doctoral and Bachelor students can choose from over 100 different degrees. It was also one of the first universities in the country to offer students the opportunity to take part in a cooperative internship program.

With its great intellectual potential, the university has always been one of the top 500 universities in the world (according to the QS ranking) and one of the top 80 universities under 50 years of age.

The tuition fees for bachelor’s degree programs range between € 3,000 and € 13,000 per year, depending on the course.

The tuition fees for postgraduate courses are between € 3,000 and € 12,000 per year, depending on the course.

#5. National University of Ireland (NIU)

The National University of Galway (NIU) is on our fifth list of the lowest tuition fees universities in Ireland for international students.

The National University of Ireland, commonly known as the NUI, is known not only for its education but also for its location.

Galway has earned the nicknames “Ireland’s Most Beautiful City” and “Ireland’s Friendliest City”.

Many NUI professors have been honored for their contribution to education, and many students are following in their footsteps.

The National University of Ireland is one of the cheapest universities in Ireland. This university offers a large number of inexpensive courses for non-European students.

Popular courses that students take at NIU include engineering, medicine, business, management, social sciences, etc.

Tuition fees for international undergraduate students range from € 5,000 to € 23,000, depending on the program chosen.

While tuition fees for postgraduate students stand between € 5,000 and € 18,000.

#6. University College Dublin

University College Dublin is in the top 1% of universities in the world. It is one of the leading research-intensive universities in Europe.

It offers a dynamic learning environment that is suitable for bachelor, master, and doctoral studies. Education, research, innovation, and community management.

UCD is also recognized as the most dedicated Irish university in the world with more than 33,000 students from 144 countries.

Facilities include the O’Brien Center for Science, Sutherland Schools of Law, Lochlan Quinn School of Business, Moore Center for Business, and the UCD Student Center.

Tuition fees at UCD start at € 6,700 per year and are among the lowest tuition fees in Ireland for international students.

#7. University College Cork

University College Cork (UCC) is a constituent college of the National University of Ireland and is located in Cork, Ireland’s second-largest city.

With over 20,000 students, the university is one of the leading universities in the country when it comes to enrollment. It also has a large international student body of around 2,500 students.

The University of Medicine and Health together with the universities of humanities, engineering, economics and law as well as Celtic and social sciences form the academic profile of the university.

In addition, the university is considered to be one of the most important research centers in the country, particularly in the fields of nanotechnology, environmental research, and food technology.

It is no surprise that the university is ranked in the top 2% of the world’s best universities, as well as one of the top 500 universities in the world, according to the QS and Times Higher Education rankings.

Tuition fees at UCC start at € 10,000 per year.

#8. Griffith College

On our last list from Ireland, the tuition fee for international students is Griffith College.

Griffith College is a private university in Dublin, the capital of Ireland. It is one of the largest and most prestigious private universities in the country.

The institution was founded in 1974 to equip future students with business and accounting skills.

In the meantime, it has developed into an internationally renowned institution which, in addition to business, also offers a large number of apprenticeships. Griffith College now has approximately 7,000 undergraduate and graduate students enrolled.

The college’s academic profile spans a variety of faculties ranging from business and law to pharmaceutical research and design. A large number of different courses of study are available to students.

Tuition fees at Griffith College Dublin start at € 12,000 for international students.

FAQs on Ireland universities fees list for international students

Do international students pay higher fees than local students in Ireland?

International students in Ireland pay higher fees than local residents. Education is 100% free for residents.

How can an international student avoid very expensive universities in Ireland?

To avoid very expensive universities in Ireland as an international student, you need to enroll in public schools. They are significantly cheaper than private ones and also offer many options for financial support.

How do I find Irish universities with affordable fees?

Search the internet for cheap or affordable schools in Ireland, or better yet, just browse the list of the lowest tuition fees in Ireland for international students. These schools listed and discussed here are the cheapest universities in Ireland for international students.


Now you are better equipped to study in Ireland as an international student. These cheapest universities are sure the best place to start. if you have any question, please do well to use the comment box we will love to hear from you.

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