How To Organize Your Transcripts for Scholarship Applications in 2022

It is a known fact that When applying for a scholarship one of the major documents that an applicant will need is the transcript.

Moreso, When preparing to study abroad, be it as an exchange student for one or two semesters or to complete a complete Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, you need to prepare intensively with lot of “paper works”.


One of those important documents that you need to take care of and make sure the information is filled out is also your transcript.

The transcript of records, also known as academic records or sometimes as student records, is closely related to the study contract plan, an official document that defines the study, research and training / teaching activities you are expected to undertake.


The study contract must be signed and approved by both your home university and the host university, and changes must be accepted by all three parties (the universities and you).

However, this process requires the compilation of a bundle of documents. Although different educational institutions have different eligibility requirements for a scholarship, you will most likely need to have the same documents on hand.

Scholarship application, personal statement, test results, university certificate – these are just a few documents that you have to prepare in advance. A scholarship can make every student’s education more accessible.

That is why you need to apply for it correctly. Read on to learn more about the types of transcripts and why it’s important to make them available for your scholarship application.


Before we go into all that, What is a transcript of records?

What is a transcript of records?

The transcript is a document that you have to present as part of the application process at your future host university from abroad.

If you are participating in an exchange program, you will need another official certificate at the end of your studies, which will be completed by the university where you attended the courses.

The transcript (ToR) essentially consists of a list of the completed learning units, the passed exams and the credits earned.

In the Transcript of Records, you can usually see:

the course unit code (basically the code the host university gives to a specific academic course)
the title of the courses you have attended at your host university
the duration of the course (if one semester or two)
the local grade (your exam mark, which is very important in order to get your ECTS credits)
the ECTS credits you have gained by passing the exam
If your home university does not use the ECTS system, the transcript should include an explanation of the credit and grading systems used.

If you submit the service description online, you can describe the rating scale used in the institution at the time of the study. The description should indicate which is the highest and lowest score.

Depending on the regulations of the respective university, your study documents can be completed by you or by your home and / or host university, usually the International Office.

The description of services is usually met if you have passed all the examinations contained in the learning contract and courses that have not been passed are usually not listed, but only those that you have passed.

Transcripts for Scholarship Applications
Transcripts for Scholarship Applications
Types of Transcripts

Keep in mind that some universities may require official credentials while others require you to provide unofficial credentials. While these documents may appear the same, there are key differences.

#1. Official transcripts

Official certificates will be stamped by your school management. They should also contain an official signature. Upon your official request, they will be sent to the university in sealed envelopes. There is no need to hire transcriptionists as all information is stored in the institution where you previously studied.

#2. Unofficial transcripts

Nowadays it is possible to request a transcript online. To do this, it is necessary to provide your identity card and your matriculation number.

Please visit your high school’s website for more information. In this case, your transcript will be considered unofficial. Remember, all exchanges can accept unofficial transcripts. Read a grant application carefully to expertly prepare your university’s needs.

When to request a Transcript of Records?

Since the transcript contains the list of passed (or failed) exams during your exchange program, it is one of the last documents that you normally have to fill out or request.

So that you don’t have to wait too long for this document to be 100% complete, after passing the exam you can ask your teacher to include a raw copy of your transcript in your transcript, part “Local Score”, while the other parts are provided by you with all the necessary information must be filled out.

When your transcript is ready, all you have to do is hand it in, along with the rest of the required application documents, to your International Office at your home location.

How to Get a Transcript for Scholarship?

Follow these steps for a hassle-free transcription.

Visit your high school or college registry office and request an official transcript. There is no human transcription service to process the document. You can only get it at the educational institution where you previously studied.
Log into your online student account and request an official certificate. The management of your school will send it directly to your university.
It is also possible to request electronic transcripts in PDF format. However, not all educational institutions offer this service. Note that universities will only approve PDF electronic transcripts if they are sent directly to your university by your high school’s electronic delivery service.

A Transcript Approval and Rejection

Your document will be approved by the university if you provide a secure transcription of your academic record. Moreover, it should be delivered directly from your registrar’s office to your educational institution.

A statement of your academic record may be rejected in case:

You provide a scan of your official transcript.
You’ve sent a copy of an official transcript.
Also, You’ve copied and pasted the records from your unofficial statement.
You’ve provided screens of electronic PDF transcripts.
The transcript isn’t stamped by your school.
The transcript doesn’t have an official signature.
You’ve sent prints of your unofficial statement.
The Registrar’s office emailed an unofficial statement of your academic success.
Keep in mind that it is prohibited to open an envelope with your Transcripts for Scholarship Applications since it may be considered invalid and the educational institution may reject it.

What happens if I have to leave and the Transcript of Records is not ready?

This is a common situation, especially among Erasmus scholarship students. Usually the exams take place in the very last few weeks of the Erasmus period and getting all grades in a very short time makes completing the transcripts a little slow. But you don’t have to worry!

Your home or host institution should be able to provide an official provisional copy of your study documents with the grades you have achieved so far. You can also email the professors to send the results directly to the International Office, which will fill out the document with the necessary information.

After your exam results have been recorded, three printouts of your transcript will be sent directly to the University’s International Office. Your home university should send you a hard copy or two directly.


After all, the layout of your Transcripts for Scholarship Applications differs from university to university, so the information given above relates to general information and can be found in every transcript.

However, if you have any doubts about this document,you can inquire more from your home and your host International Offices.

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